Long resident in Europe, Eduardo Houth was born in Chile of Scottish ancestry. Following the overthrow of the Allende regime Houth travelled extensively in Europe . His first photographic commissions were for fashion magazines in Spain . Later he diversified into stage photography and creating images for book jackets and theatre posters. His poetry, often presented alongside the sharply-focused iconic images for which he is known, include LANDLESS (1989) and IF I CEASE (2000). He is the author of a poetic biography of his friend the dramatist and poet Howard Barker, ‘Howard Barker A Style and Its Origins' (Howard Barker/Eduardo Houth. Oberon Books, 2007)

Eduardo Houth - Biography

Eduardo Houth - Poster for the wrestling school, 2002

Eduardo Houth : 'The Fence In Its Thousandth Year.' (2005)